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The upstream sector includes the searching of potential underground (onshore) or underwater (offshore) crude oil & NG fields, drilling of explanatory wells& subsequently drilling & operating the wells that bring crude Oil & NG to surface. Coal bed methane extraction is also a part of upstream activity. Some examples can be fixed offshore platforms, FPSO, Drilling Rigs Etc.


Transportation (Pipelines), storage, (track forms) and marketing of Petroleum products. Many a times midstream operations are considered as a part of downstream.


Refining of petroleum crude and processing & purifying of raw natural gas is called as Downstream Process. The Downstream operations will cover all positions with refineries & petro chemical processes.

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Exceed Resourcing

At Exceed we manage our projects with the most competent and experienced HR and Recruitment professionals who have extensive experience in the domain and have worked for top companies worldwide. Unlike our competitors in the field, we have our own niche database of professionals working worldwide from the Oil & Gas and related industries

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Oil Jobs Zone

Best place for the jobs in the Oil & Energy industry.
Oiljobs Zone offers professional online talent search services to hiring managers/ recruiters looking for the best talents worldwide. Unlike the traditional jobportals which usually cater to all industries, OJZ specializes and works in thespecific industries from the energy sector.

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Bharat Realest

We bring you New and Old properties of India.
India’s best real estate website in India and a group company of Kunnil Recsol focusing on residential and commercial properties listings in India and search services to its users worldwide to buy / rent and sale properties.

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