About Us

Welcome to Kunnil Recsol , a leading HR and Recruitment consultancy catering to global clients in various domains. With a variety of staff positions spread across a large number of unique organizational units within a multi-campus environment, managing HR needs requires the efforts of many. We at Exceed believe HR processes should be flexible enough to cater for the demands of an ever-growing workforce.

Our Industry Expertise:

                    • Banking & Finance
                    • Construction & Infrastructure
                    • Healthcare
                    • IT & BPO Services
                    • Logistics & Supply chain
                    • Marine & Shipping
                    • Oil & Gas
                    • Petrochemicals
                    • Mining & Energy
                    • Telecommunication

Our Motto is to “Exceed Your Expectations

At Exceed we manage our projects with the most competent and experienced HR and Recruitment professionals who have extensive experience in various domains and have worked for top companies worldwide. Unlike our competitors in the field, we have our own niche database of professionals working worldwide from the industries with extensive networking reach of our consultants.

Our expertise in the market has allowed us to tailor our services accordingly, whilst retaining global standards to the complete satisfaction of our clients and work to the client terms and satisfaction.

We always believed in long term association with our clients.

Please feel free to mail us on admin@kunnilrecsol.com or use our “Contact Us” form in our website with your requirements and we shall be at your service.